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The Tekuani Binay

A Micro-Nation

Tekuani Binay Tribal Programs:

Tekuani Binay Long House American Indian Trading Post -Coming Soon!

Culture, History and Heritage - Education passed down by an Elder Clan Mother, Principal Chief and the tribal leadership. Monthly tribal calls with the nation and educational meetings with your individual band Chief.  Certification proof of tribal enrollment, Tribal documents and Tribal ID.

We Are Still Here!!!

Honoring the Late Great Chief Eaglefeather and his legacy...

Tribal Estate Planning for Generational Wealth that will carry us 7 generation into future as required by the ancestors! Forward thinking for our people yet never forgetting the past.

Tekuani Binay Tribal Alliance - Group Insurance Benefits

Principal Chief Spirit Warrior - Certified Human Rights Consultant

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Tekuani Binay a Tribal Micro-Nation of Florida and The Cape Fear Band of the Skarure Woccon Indians of North Carolina.

Red Cedar Regional Community Development Council, INC. is comprised of of two indigenous tribal nations, The Tekuani Binay, a Tribal Micro-Nation of Florida and The Cape Fear Band of Skarure and Woccon Indians, a Pre-colonial Tribal Nation of North Carolina. Red Cedar Regional, CDC, will assist its struggling indigenous communities to maintain their cultural heritage while simultaneously assisting its non-indigenous community members.

RED CEDAR REGIONAL, CDC, INC. will provide human services and opportunities for its underserved peoples. The establishment of this community development council will allow businesses in each region, a vital community and economic development partner to provide essential goods and services to the underserved, unrepresented and overlooked community members in the 10 regional territories which are represented by the tribal nations. The Council is currently geared to operate projects and programs in the following areas: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, New York, and South Carolina.

Red Cedar Regional, CDC focuses on community beautification and home renovations for the disabled/elderly, income-based housing as well as home-ownership counseling to low- and moderate-income families and building tiny home communities. The organization will also offer services in Agricultural, Allied Science & Information Technology, Alternative health services., genealogy, cultural and historical research. In addition, the organization will provide spiritual guidance in traditional ways These programs will create jobs and provide job training to low, moderate-income families, seniors, veterans, and re-entry citizens. RED CEDAR REGIONAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL, INC IS HERE TO PROTECT, PERSERVE AND PROSPER OUR INDIGENOUS and NON-INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES.


                                                          RED CEDAR CDC WEBITE HERE:                                                  

Chief of Staff and acting Regional Director for (Alabama).

Clan Mother Elder Rising Star. The contact for Florida, Georgia and Alabama.       or          Chat with Elder Rising Star

    Red Cedar CDC Websit Here: 

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