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The Tekuani Binay

A Micro-Nation

Welcome To The Otter Clan

About the Otter Clan

Principal Chief Spirit Warrior - Yętkyéna•č Yetkehnahsi - The Tekuani Binay a Tribal Micro-Nation.  Also, his band is Jaguars.  He is a remarkable leader, teacher, coach, and friend. But mostly we all are family.   He has made major - but necessary changes.   There is so much to look forward to when all databases is finished.  So please make sure your profiles and tribal dues are current. 

The Chief of the Otter Band is Chief Warrior Shield

Chief Warrior Shield is a Christian man who respects all other faiths. He loves learning about our heritage. He stands strongly against any kind of racism.  It's not about how light or dark your skin is... It's about the Blood that ties us which makes us family. Chief Warrior Shield wears many different hats and is very knowledgeable in many things.  He is a retired Marine, life insurance agent, sells machines that make Kangen Alkaline water, credit repair, security at Charlotte Motor Speedway, and Trust. We the Otters hope you will take the time to get to know him on a personal level.  Chief Warrior Shield stands by the laws of attraction.   He says tithe, give to The Heavenly Father, give to someone else but give to yourself.  The otter is his spirit animal.  You may not know that Otters are considered lucky animals in many American Indian cultures and the otter is a symbol of loyalty and honesty in some West Coast tribes, but in Northern British Columbia and the Alaskan coast, river otters (usually called "land-otters") were associated with ghosts and drowning and were regarded by the people. Animal totems hold the protective powers of the animal they represent. Thus, the otter totem is a helpful symbol for manifesting more joy, playfulness, and creativity in your life. If the otter is your spirit animal, that means you are sociable and find joy in making others' lives better. You are positive and see the good in all things. Traditional female attributes come to the surface as you feel more inclined to care for family and find purpose helping others. Others may also view them as symbols of loyalty. This completely describes Chief Warrior Shield.  

It was taboo to eat land-otters in many Pacific Northwest tribes, and in colonial times, the trapping of land-otters to sell their furs to non-Natives became a source of tension in some communities. Sea otters, on the other hand, had long been hunted for their skins and meat by these tribes, and sea otter fur was considered very prestigious on the Northwest Coast.

Otters are also used as clan animals in some Native American cultures. Tribes with Otter Clans include the Muskogee Creek (whose Otter Clan is named Osanalgi or Osvnvlke,) the Chippewa (whose Otter Clan is called Nigig,) the Menominee, and the Abenaki. On the Northwest Coast, the otter is sometimes used as a totem pole crest. 

The Otter Band's Clan Mother Guiding Light is always here for you if you need her. She is a mother of an adult son.  She was a secretary for Perdue Farms for 13 to 14 years. She was safety chairman there as well.  She is currently disabled. She enjoys getting to know you all on a personal level. She desires to know more about her family history. She has a love for angels, owls and phoenix. She loves children. 

  1. Goals/Mission Statement 

    • The Otter Band is a family community of American Indians, and indigenous people united in our commitment to recognizing and preserving our beautiful heritage. Together as one in strength, we foster unity and growth within our tribe and with all people. We honor our ancestors and aim to protect our future generation and land through cultural and spiritual awareness and education. As members of the Otter Band, we are dedicated to nurturing our strength and integrity as we continue to build and foster a community that adapts to change and represents our traditions.



  1. Motto 

    • Growing and expanding w/loyalty honesty , honor, respect,  and knowledge.

  1. The Otter Band's Clan Mother Guiding Light is always here for you if you need her. She enjoys getting to know you all on a personal level.  She is a Christian that has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but respects all others who aren't. She is a mother of an adult son.  CMGL's education is in psychology, computers, software programs,  First aid & CPR, payroll and inventory. Her past job experiences are 13 years of being a secretary, safety chairman, historian of military order, pr work for our late tribe, and helps with admin duties of our Tribe. She is currently disabled. Some of her skills are singing, art, jewelry making, crafts, hunting, fishing, skinning deer and processing it, gardening, farming, martial arts, deciphering Hebrew, little American sign language, little Spanish and using Bows (crossbow and compound bow) and guns. She grew up on a tobacco farm. CMGL passions are elderly, children, missing American Indian women, and desires to know more about her family history. CMGL ancestral tribes are Cherokee, Meherrin, The Binay Yeha Noha, and Tekuani Binay a Tribal Micro-Nation. She has a love for angels, history of American Indians, and animals (especially the owls and phoenix).

 Tribal Address:9951 Atlantic Blvd., Ste 322 PMB 1036, Jacksonville, FL 32225

Give us a call: 

Tribal Office Phone:(641) 715-3900   Ext: 477607#

Send us an e-mail: Chief Spirit Warrior

Chief Warrior Shield or

Clan Mother Guiding Light

(641) 715-3900

 Extension: 969966# 

Contact US

 Address:   9951 Atlantic Blvd., Ste 322 PMB 1036., Jacksonville, FL 32225

Give us a call: 
Phone:(641) 715-3900,  Ext: 477607#

Send us an e-mail:
       Chief Warrior Shield: or Clan Mother Guiding

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